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Legendary Labradoodles

Quality Food, Helpful Books, and Basic Supplies

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Food-Books-Basics to Purchase for Your New Puppy

Legendary Supply List

Enjoy perusing this awesome list of products that we have carefully selected. Read the books before your puppy comes home if at all possible. Families with children under 10 years old, "Raising Puppies and Kids Together" is a must read.

Order food to have on hand and consider a few different flavors and extra freeze dried food, doodles can be picky eaters. The freeze dried doubles as food topper and treat for training!

Be sure the basics are set up and ready to go before picking up your puppy.


dog food products.

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RAWBBLE Ancient Grains Kibble

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RAWBBLE Freeze Dried Meal Topper and Training Treats

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BIXBI Dog Treats


The Dog Listener By Jan Fennell

The Secret Language of Dogs by Victoria Stillwell

Family Friendly Dog Training by Patricia B McConnell & Aimee M Moore

Raising Puppies & Kids Together: A Guide for Parents by Pia Silvani


Midwest Dog Crate 36" w/ Divider

Heavy Duty Dog Bowl 4 Cup

Venus Labratories - Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Grannick's Bitter Apple for Dogs 16oz

ROK Straps Leash

Eco-Clean Dog Poop Bags 24 Rolls

shopping logo of australian labradoodle holding two shopping bags
shopping logo of australian labradoodle holding two shopping bags

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