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Legendary Labradoodles

Living a Wonderful Life in a Guardian Home

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Become a Legendary Labradoodle Guardian Home

At Legendary Labradoodles, we strive to provide each breeding dog in our program a wonderful life in a loving home. By placing our precious breeding dogs in Guardian Homes, the dogs receive more individualized attention, and our breeding program has the available dogs required to develop the breed. Guardian Homes obtain the pick of the litter for a fraction of the pet price. Contact us to learn more about this program.

What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian homes are very carefully selected pet owners who have met our requirements to provide a loving and forever home in a stable environment for the "pick of the litter" Multigen Australian Labradoodles we choose to use in our breeding program. Guardian homes are selected to raise, nurture, and train these exceptional girls and boys. This dog will not only be your forever pet, but will also play an integral role in the development of this magnificent breed.

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Most Guardian Homes will raise a puppy, but occasionally we have adolescent and adult dogs available. The breeding career of girl dogs can last until her fourth birthday, while a boy dog's breeding career can last until his seventh birthday. Girls start breeding around their second birthday, and boys start closer to their first. The breeding responsibility of boys vs. girls is quite different in the demands it will place on the Guardian Home. (Topic is covered in more detail below) Once the dog's breeding career ends, Legendary Labradoodles will cover the cost to spay/neuter the dog and he/she now belongs 100% to the Guardian.

Costs of Being a Guardian Home

Guardian Homes will pay approximately one-third of the pet price for their puppy. Guardians will pay for normal pet ownership costs such as: routine vet care, heart worm and flea and tick treatment, premium dog food, dog training, pet supplies and grooming. Costs associated with breeding are covered by Legendary Labradoodles. Legendary Labradoodles will cover the cost of spay/neuter surgery once the breeding career ends.

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Requirements and Responsibilities of Guardian Home Applicants

Guardian Homes receive the very best dogs that Legendary Labradoodles has to offer! The following is the list of requirements a Guardian Home must fulfill:

  • You must live within 40 miles of McKinney, TX.
  • You must own your own home. The backyard must have a sound physical fence around it.
  • Primary caregiver must have a schedule that allows the dog to NOT be left alone for extended periods on a regular basis.
  • Dog must be an indoor dog and be provided plenty of opportunities for exercise and play.
  • Guardians must have reliable transportation and be willing to occasionally bring dog to us at various times for breeding related appointments.
  • Guardians must train or have someone else train their dog to follow basic commands. A financial incentive is offered to Guardians when their active breeding dog achieves Canine Good Citizen and/or Therapy Certification.
  • Most importantly, Guardians must be able to provide a stable and loving home for this special pet.

Girls vs. Boys

The health and well being of our dogs, especially during breeding careers, is always our top consideration. Each of our dogs has multiple vets who evaluate them to be sure that our dogs are in optimal health. All breeding appointments are paid for by Legendary Labradoodles, and, at times, Guardians will be able to accompany the dog if they wish.


Our girls will have up to 4 litters of puppies unless health circumstances cause this to change. During breeding heat cycles girls will have scheduled appointments with the repro vet to check her progesterone levels and then either one or two meetings for breedings. Once bred she will stay at her home until one week before delivery. She will return to us at this time to get settled before she delivers her puppies.

Once her puppies have been delivered, she will stay at our home until the puppies are fully weaned, which is usually around the time the puppies are 6 weeks old. She will return to her Guardian at this time. Most girls are retired from their breeding career before they turn four years old.

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go to guardian homes.


Our boys will have much shorter times away from home. In most cases, the breeding related appointments require the boy to be away for the morning or afternoon. Boys can begin their breeding career at the end of their first year and continue for up to 7 years. However, most boys will max out around 5 years of standing at stud. As you can imagine, his job is much simpler and requires less demands but it will last for more years.

Legendary Labradoodles puppies

Contact us if you would like to learn more about this fabulous program!

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