25 LEGENDARY LABRADOODLES - Labradoodle Adoption Process
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Process for Obtaining a Legendary Labradoodle

The first step to owning a Legendary Labradoodle is to complete our on-line application. Once your application has been reviewed, we will contact you to discuss any questions and let you know the approval status of your application. Once approved, we will request that you send your application fee of $500. The application fee is non refundable unless a puppy that fits your request is not available within a year. A full refund will be issued in this case. Application fee can be made with a personal check or Zelle payment.


You will be notified by email that you are on the reservation list for an upcoming litter that will potentially produce a puppy that will fulfill your requests. (If litter arrives and a suitable match for you has not been produced, you can choose to roll your deposit to a future litter.) At least once a week you will receive pictures and/or video of your puppy's litter. You can also follow us on Facebook to see additional pictures of the litter to which your puppy belongs.

By 6-7 weeks we will have the puppies temperaments assessed to determine which puppy best meets your requests and family profile. You will then receive notification of YOUR puppy! During this same time period, we will confirm the pick-up arrangements for your puppy. The remaining balance of $2500 and sales tax, if you are a TX resident, is due before the puppies are 6 weeks old. We accept personal checks, Zelle payments and cash.

Between 8-10 weeks your puppy will be joining you in your home!


Please Note

1. We do not allow families and individuals to "pick out" their puppy. We have a very careful and tedious process that is used to determine the best-suited puppy for each family/couple/individual that trusts us to raise an amazing dog for them. Your application contains a vast insight to information required to place families and puppies together. As well, we will communicate one on one to obtain additional information. Once puppies have been allocated to families, you will receive additional information and personality type of your puppy. If you have questions or concerns, you are welcome to call us and we can further discuss your requests. We make no exceptions to this policy

2. We welcome home visits by those of you who have an approved application and have placed your deposit. However, we are not a pet store open at all hours. All home visits must be scheduled in advance! Our puppy's health and well-being are our primary concern. You will be asked to remove shoes and wear foot covers as well as wash hands as soon as you arrive. We also request that you do not plan to make stops at any pet stores before arriving. Viruses and bacteria travel on the bottoms of shoes and on clothes. Puppies under the age of 16 weeks have not received a complete set of vaccinations and are susceptible to all types of bacteria and viruses. We don't take any chances with our precious puppies. If you have a scheduled appointment, please be on time. Thank you for respecting our policies.