Auatralian Labradoodle dog and contract cartoon

Legendary Labradoodles

General Australian Labradoodle Pet Contract

apricot labradoodle in bowing playful position

Legendary Labradoodle Contract

Once approved to purchase one of our adorable Australian Labradoodle puppies as a non-breeding companion pet, you will receive a contract covering the following general ownership subjects:

  • Health Warranty
  • Vaccinations
  • Limitation and Health Maintenance
  • Temperament and Training
  • Special Conditions
  • Spay/Neuter
red Australian labradoodle puppy with head tilted left
contract page 1
red Australian labradoodle puppy looking straight ahead
contract page 2
red Australian labradoodle puppy with head tilted right
contract page 3

Click each page above to see a larger image and read our Legendary Labradoodle contract.

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