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We have found these sites to be very helpful for training our dogs.

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Jan Fennell     Jan Fennell's Website

Also read: Jan Fennell’s The Dog Listener, available at Legendary Supply Store

Patricia McConnell     Patricia McConnell's Website

Books available in Legendary Supply Store

Victoria Stillwell    You Tube Video

Victoria Stillwell has short video segments on YouTube that are worthwhile to watch.

Please note that these three dog-training professionals do not necessarily agree on every aspect of raising and training dogs. However, they each have positive methods for achieving good results and building a great relationship with your dog. It is worthwhile to look at each of their styles and determine which is best suited for you, your family, and your pet.

While it is fantastic to read, watch videos, and learn about raising and training your new pet, there is no substitute for a "live" trainer who is experienced in positive reward training. Whether you prefer a class or private training, there is so much to be learned from a professional who is highly recommended.

Learn more about achieving Good Citizen Certification for additional training.

You may also learn more about Therapy Dog Training.