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Legendary Labradoodles

Favorite Links for Healthy Pups

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Helpful Links for Raising an Australian Labradoodle

Here are some food, health, insurance, health testing, poisonous plants and foods, breeders, and rescue resources that we think will be helpful for you as you prepare for and raise your Legendary Labradoodle from puppy to adulthood.

Labradoodle Experience

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Dog Food Evaluations

Recommended Breeders

If we are unable to meet your needs for a puppy at this time, I’d like to recommend the following breeders who I know to have programs structured in the best interest of producing Australian Labradoodles with exceptional care. Please note there are other breeders not listed on this site who are also exceptional breeders.

Pet Health Insurance

We are not affiliated with or recommend either of these pet health care insurance programs. We are placing these on our site for those of you interested in health insurance for your pet. These are two of the better-known companies that provide health insurance and a good starting point to learn more about health insurance for your pet.

Poisonous Plants and Foods for Dogs

Doodle Rescue

A rescue dog can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. This organization will have different types of doodles available across the US and works hard to place the dogs they have in quality forever homes.

Keep your Australian Labradoodle Happy and Healthy

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