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Current Australian Labradoodle Litters

The current labradoodle puppies on this page are the most recent litters that have been born to a Legendary Labradoodle mom. Legendary Labradoodles gives each doodle puppy we raise a loving, stimulating and engaging environment to thrive. Our puppies also receive a head start with the socialization process, house training and crate training before they go to their forever homes.

The litter reservation list fills quickly. IF you are interested in adopting one of our beautiful Australian Labradoodle puppies, click on this link to apply. Application

If you have a specific request for a puppy that is not currently available, you will be placed on a Master Reservation List. When your name moves to the top of the list, you will be notified of available spots in litters. You can accept or decline what is offered. If you decline, you will remain on the Master List until a litter you desire is available.

monroe and boots litter

Monroe and Boot's puppies! 4 puppies, 3 boys and 1 girls.

Monroe and Boot's Litter

libby and rocky litter

Libby and Rocky's puppies! 6 puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls. We may have an opening for a boy!

Libby and Rocky's Litter

Legendary Labradoodle Puppies
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People are talking about us . . .

“We have a 3 month old pup from Legendary Labradoodles and have been so happy with him. He has slept through the night in the crate since day one and was practically potty trained when we got him. He is SO smart, friendly, and shockingly easy for a puppy. We've only had him for 6 weeks and I'm already wondering if we should get another so he can have a friend”

Jessica Huff

“Legendary Labradoodles is the best. Alaina is wonderful. We got our dog, Sandy, from her in 2021. (Approx. a year ago from writing this) Sandy is the sweetest, happiest dog and has the best temperament. She was so easy to train, thanks to everything Alaina did before we got her and the resources Alaina provided. We never dealt with accidents or any behavioral issues and these Australian Labradoodles are so smart, they learn very quickly. Thank you, Alaina! You’re giving people the best companions.”

Sarah Anderson

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