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About Legendary Labradoodles

Legendary Labradoodles is a small family business dedicated to raising Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles which have proven to be exceptional family companions. My husband, Mitch, daughter, Caroline, son, Will, mother, Nana, and I view this endeavor as a labor of love, not a job. Both Mitch and I have always been dog lovers, and we sort of stumbled into raising these awesome dogs. And what joy we have found with our Australian Labradoodles!

about Legendary Labradoodles

We Love Australian Labradoodles

We were drawn to the Australian Labradoodle because we needed an allergy friendly dog as several of us suffer horribly from all types of allergies. Once we found the Australian Labradoodle, well, we were sold. The adorable, silly lab's personality, mixed with a non-shedding, allergy-friendly coat, is the perfect combination for a family companion.

Before we started raising Australian Labradoodles, we were labradoodle owners. Our first two labradoodles were F1, a cross between a lab and a poodle. While the exceptional temperament and charming personality stole our hearts, we had a mound of vet bills due to health issues. They also shed. Both our allergies and bank account suffered.

about Legendary Labradoodles

We Focus on Multigen Australian Labradoodles

Fortunately, as the years have gone by, the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles's health and non-shedding coat developed with consistency over time. Because of this, we maintain our focus on raising Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. Our goal in producing puppies is to constantly maintain good, strong healthy lines of dogs with exceptional temperaments while being true to the guidelines established for the Australian Labradoodle.

Visit the website for the Australian Labradoodle Association of America to read more about this wonderful breed.

about Legendary Labradoodles

Our Dogs are Socialized

We live in a suburb north of Dallas, TX, and have a weekend cabin on almost 20 acres of farmland in northeast TX. While in town, we are very busy raising two teenagers and seem to have a constant flow of their friends coming and going. This busy lifestyle is a perfect fit for the ever-sociable nature of the Australian Labradoodle. Of course the dogs think that everyone they meet is their new best friend. Our dogs and puppies have constant socialization as there is rarely a moment when they are not in the company of people. They are even sleeping at our feet while we catch up on emails or computer work. The dogs enjoy the busy schedule we keep and find it their job to take as many rides in the car and get as many snuggles as possible. While at the farm, they love romping and exploring in the great outdoors.

Sharing our Joy with You

Our dogs bring us so much joy, and this is why we do what we do. We have raised our children to believe that one is to share one's blessings when one has been abundantly blessed. We hope that other families, such as yours, will find much joy in the puppies that we raise. Raising family companions that just happen to be unbelievably adorable, intelligent, intuitive, and non-shedding has been a blessing to us. Wow! What a great job we have!

Alaina Ugland and Family

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