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Grooming Guidelines for Your Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle is a very simple groom, but definite guidelines must be provided to a qualified groomer; otherwise, you may be very disappointed with the experience. Grooming an Australian Labradoodle is probably one of the most difficult concepts for a groomer who has never groomed a doodle, or never groomed a doodle correctly. A lot of groomers try to make a doodle look like a poodle or a schnauzer or something in-between. The guidelines below should help you keep your doodle groomed perfectly.


It is important to start brushing your dog from the early days when he/she joins your family. Brush your dog from head to toe at least 4 times a week until the adult coat is fully established. Your puppy will likely be around 18 months old when the adult coat is established. You will need a good brush and a de-matting comb to get started. You will probably want to purchase scissors with rounded tips to touch up around the eyes.

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Your puppy will have a baby coat until 8-12 months when the adult coat comes in. While the adult coat is establishing, you will need to brush multiple times a week, and I find this the best time to give your pet his first trim. It will be difficult to keep up with the matting in the longer coat, but with a trim, it is very manageable, and the beauty of the adult coat is better realized.


This will be the time in your Multigen Australian Labradoodle's life that he/she will shed. Once your dog gets to 12 to 14 months, the adult coat will be fully established, and this is the coat you can expect to work with for your dog's adult life.

A LABRADOODLE'S adult coat
is fully established at
12-14 months.

Grooming Rule:
Brush your dog from head to toe three times a week using the line brushing technique

Australian Labradoodle Grooming Instructions

FACE: The face tends to give groomers the most trouble. I find that the picture to the right will help to clarify the instructions you will need to convey for your dog's face. It is best to print this picture and take it with you to the groomer.

BODY AND LEGS: I prefer for the groomer to use the longest blade available for the coat. A three-fourths inch blade (don't go shorter than one-half inch) will keep your dog's coat nice and full but give a smooth consistent length all over. If you like your dogs coat longer, your groomer should have a guard they can use to achieve this. The legs are typically just a little longer than the rest of the coat if you trim the coat to three-fourths inch.

FEET: The feet will need a "slipper" cut to achieve the floppy, full leg look. The leg will look like a column.

TAIL: The tail needs to be de-matted and trimmed.

PRIVATE PARTS AND EARS: Always have the groomer do a hygiene trim to keep your dog's private parts and ears healthy. It is also important to have the hair removed, either trimmed or pulled, inside the dog's ears.

NAILS: Nails need to be trimmed every 2 to 4 weeks.

grooming instructions

Click the grooming picture for an enlarged, printable version and take it with you to your groomer!

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