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Legendary Labradoodles

Studs Selected with Highest Standards

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Our Healthy Australian Labradoodle Studs

Our Australian Labradoodle Studs are health tested to the Gold Paw level with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. All have amazing non-shedding fleece coats, excellent conformation and solid temperament. Our boys are available to stand at stud for outside programs focused on raising Australian Labradoodles with the same standards we uphold. Please see Past Litters for examples of puppies our boys have produced.

Each of our Stud dogs

  • Will live with his forever “Guardian Family” for his entire life.
  • Is a beloved family member who was placed with his guardian family when he was a young puppy.
  • Will only be bred with females who are compatible based on pedigree, health, and temperament

We do not have a kennel setting.
Each breeding dog enjoys life as someone's cherished family pet.

Please see our Facebook and Instagram pages for videos of the settings where puppies are raised. All of our dogs and puppies live very pampered and spoiled lives.

Henry the Legendary Labradoodle

Stud Service Available

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Boots the Legendary Labradoodle

Stud Service Available

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River the Legendary Labradoodle

Stud Service Available

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Bo Jangles the Legendary Labradoodle

Stud Service Available

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Remi the Legendary Labradoodle

Limited Availability for Stud Service

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Flirt the Legendary Labradoodle

Stud Service Available

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Phineas the Legendary Labradoodle

Stud Service Available

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Rocky the Legendary Labradoodle

Stud Service Available

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Oliver the Legendary Labradoodle

Stud Service Available

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