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Willow & Remi's Australian Labradoodle Litter - 2020

Willow and Remi

Meet the Parents

Dam: Willow

Dam: Willow - The adorable Australian Labradoodle Mom

Sire: Remi

Finn - The proud Australian Labradoodle Daddy

We are looking for a guardian home for one of these beautiful girls or boys. We haven't decided which one yet! If you are interested, please check out the Guardian Home page to see if you qualify.

Week Two

Johnny Cash-week 2
Loretta Lynn-week 2

Reba-week 2
Willie Nelson-week 2

Patsy Cline-week 2

Week Three

Johnny Cash-week 3
Loretta Lynn-week 3

Reba-week 3
Willie Nelson-week 3

Patsy Cline-week 3

Week Five

Johnny Cash-week 5
Loretta Lynn-week 5

Reba-week 5
Willie Nelson-week 5

Patsy Cline-week 5

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