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London & Remi's Australian Labradoodle Litter - 2021

London and Remi

Meet the Parents

Dam: London

Dam: London - The adorable Australian Labradoodle Mom

Sire: Remi

Remi - The proud Australian Labradoodle Daddy

London and Remi had 6 beautiful puppies on May 3, 2021. 3 boys and 3 girls. The theme for this litter is "London Neighborhoods", selected by Remi's guardian family. Such a great theme! Fulham was born with a bilateral cleft palette. After caring for him here for his first two weeks, we realized that we were not knowledgable enough with his condition and we were incredibly blessed to have found LA Baby Mommas through the Mia Foundation. LA Baby Mommas have raised hundreds of cleft palette puppies successfully. We are receiving frequent updates on Fulham and these will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. If you are interested in adopting Fulham after his cleft palette has been repaired through surgery (when he is approx 12-14 weeks old), you are welcome to apply using our application or you can apply directly throughLA Baby Mommas . It is expected that Fulham will be perfectly normal once his cleft palette has been repaired. To date he is growing as expected and is reaching the same milestones as his littermates.

Week One

Brixton-week 1
Fulham-week 1

 Paddington-week 1
 Camden-week 1

 Chelsea-week 1
 Layton-week 1

Week Three

 Paddington-week 3
 Camden-week 3

Brixton-week 3

 Chelsea-week 3
 Layton-week 3

Week Five

 Paddington-week 5
 Camden-week 5

Brixton-week 5

 Chelsea-week 5
 Layton-week 5

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