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Jules & Finn's Australian Labradoodle Litter - 2018

Jules and Finn

Meet the Parents

Dam: Jules

Dam: Jules - The adorable Australian Labradoodle Mom

Sire: Finn

Finn - The proud Australian Labradoodle Daddy

Week One

Diamond Girl-week 1
Emerald Girl-week 1

Jade Girl-Week 1
Sapphire Girl-Week 1

Week Three

Diamond Girl-week 3
Emerald Girl-week 3

Jade Girl-Week 3
Sapphire Girl-Week 3

Week Five

Diamond Girl-week 5
Emerald Girl-week 5

Jade Girl-Week 5
Sapphire Girl-Week 5

Week Seven

Diamond Girl-week 7
Emerald Girl-week 7

Jade Girl-Week 7
Sapphire Girl-Week 7

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