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Harper & Finn's Australian Labradoodle Litter - 2020

Harper and Finn

Meet the Parents

Dam: Harper

Dam: Harper - The adorable Australian Labradoodle Mom

Sire: Finn

Finn - The proud Australian Labradoodle Daddy

A Sweet welcome to Harper and Finn's Luck of the Irish Litter. The three boys have white markings and the little girl is just adorable. All puppies have forever homes.

You are welcome to see videos of us on Legendary Labradoodle's page on Facebook and Instagram when we are a little older.

Week One

Paddy Boy-week 1
Clover Girl-week 1

Dublin Boy-Week 1
Guinness Boy-Week 1

Week Three

Paddy Boy-week 3
Clover Girl-week 3

Dublin Boy-Week 3
Guinness Boy-Week 3

Week Five

Paddy Boy-week 5
Clover Girl-week 5

Dublin Boy-Week 5
Guinness Boy-Week 5

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