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Puppy Homecoming Prep Main Page

The pages within the Homecoming Prep segment of our website are private and can only be accessed through the link provided through email and through the link on the Prepare For Puppy page. The button on this page is titled Homecoming Prep. Once you are in the Homecoming Prep section of the website you will need to use your back button to navigate the pages and return to this Homecoming Prep home page.

Welcome to the Legendary Labradoodles Family!

Bringing home your new puppy is one of the greatest joys. Planning ahead and having what your new puppy will need are keys to a successful beginning. While it is great fun to buy lots of toys and pet beds and cute collars for your new family member, the greatest gift that you can give this furry baby is to prepare yourself with the knowledge of raising a well balanced dog.

This private section of our website is full of helpful information for you to review at your leisure BEFORE you bring your puppy home. We recommend that you go through one section a week, each week after your puppy is born, so that you can absorb the info and make notes of questions along the way. Before your puppy will be released for pick up, we will have you go through a checklist to ensure you have a good grasp on the content. (think of it as a test that you will need to pass before picking up your puppy.)

When will we see pictures of our puppy?

We will be taking puppy pictures every other week. You will see the individual photos of each puppy at 1 week, 3 weeks and 5 weeks. After this you will see candid shots and videos. Photographing puppies is a process, as I’m sure you can imagine. While little, they move around quite a bit! If we don’t get the pictures out on time we will do what we can to post them as soon as we are able. It is very busy around here. Caring for the puppies and momma dogs is our top priority! We try to post candid pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram when we are able so feel free to follow us on these platforms for more updates.

Stages of Puppy Development

From the time the puppies are born, we handle each puppy every day so that they get used to human contact and being handled. We also do Super Puppy Early Neurological exercises with them each day for their first two weeks of life. This helps their neurological system begin developing and allows the puppies to learn to adapt quicker to changes in their environment. This system was developed for service dogs that work with the police force to encourage a more resilient dog. This is a standard practice for us and something we do with every Legendary puppy that we’ve been blessed to raise. We have adopted practices from Puppy Culture as well as Avidog to ensure that we are offering the puppies the best beginning possible. These practices are used throughout their days while they are here with us. There are certain skills that we will share with you before you pick up your puppy so that you can continue this wonderful foundation in helping your puppy to grow to be a truly amazing dog. As the little ones are growing we like to introduce new toys, sounds, sights, and experiences. We make an effort to work with them on potty and crate training, as well as manding. Our goal is to ensure your puppies have as many positive experiences as we can manage while they are here. Our practices and strategies ensure we are raising your puppies to their fullest potential from the moment they arrive in this world.

Puppy Development Stages

Click the link below for a great resource to learn about your puppies development. Use your back button to return to this page.

Puppy Development Stages

Once you have a confirmed spot on a litter, what comes next?

See the adoptionProcess page on our website for details on what you should expect. Then click on your computers back button to return to this page.

Once your reviewed the Process page you will need to come back to this page and begin going through the preparation pages in each section below.

Section 1: PUPPY CARE

Puppy Care Basics


Puppy Socialization


Supply List & Feeding Guide

Section 4: VET CARE

Veterinary Care

Section 5: TRAINING

Puppy Training

Section 6: GROOMING


Puppy Homecoming Prep Quiz


Section 7:WHAT TO KNOW about "Gotcha Day"

Puppy Pick Up Day

Stay Connected

If you have not joined us on Facebook or Instagram, you may want to. This is usually the first place pictures and video show up. We also have a private Facebook page for owners of our puppies. At this time, you can join this group by answering a few short questions. It is titled Legendary Labradoodles Owners Group. There is info about grooming, vet care, training and all sorts of topics. There are links in the footer of this page to our main Facebook page, not the owners group and our instagram account. If you click on the icon it will take you to our pages.

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