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Stella - Stunning and Sweet Australian Labradoodle

Legendary's Stella Gabriella

"Stella" ALAA-063938

LEGENDARY LABRADOODLES introduces Stella Gabriella, aka Stella, a Multigen Australian Labradoodle female who resides in Texas. Stella has a dark chocolate, non-shedding, wavy fleece coat from foundation lines of Australian Labradoodles.

Stella the Australian Labradoodle
Stella the Australian Labradoodle

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Details About Stella

Breed: Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Description: 17" and 28#, chocolate, wavy fleece coat
Sire: Desert Wind's Flying Dutchman, Dutch
Dam: Ocean State's JuneBug

Resides in: Texas with the sweetest family who love her dearly. Thank you to the Pokluda family!

Health Clearances

OFA Hips Prelim: Good Pra: Normal RPGRIP1: In Testing IC: F/F: Full Furnishings
OFA Elbows: Normal Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis: In Testing Retinal Dysplasia: In Testing S Locus/Parti: S/sp: Carries Parti
CAER: Normal vWD: Clear Via Parentage EIC: In Testing A Locus: In Testing
Cardiac: Normal DM: In Testing DNA Profile: On File

Stella the Australian Labradoodle
Stella the Australian Labradoodle

About Stella

What a beauty! Stella is a rich dark chocolate multigen Australian Labradoodle. She is a beautiful mix of her mom, JuneBug and her dad, Dutch. Stella has the most amazing and beautiful silky, shiny, fleece non shedding coat with just the most lovely waves! Those lovely white mismarks set her apart from most dogs and make her truly unique and special.

Stella is a small medium size with great conformation weighing in right around 30#. This girl is an absolute show stopper with her excellent build, great coat and gorgeous amber eyes. She is a dear companion to her family and enjoys having three young children to play with. Although make no mistake, this is a momma's girl through and through.

Stella greets all of life with a constant tail wag and enthusiasm! She loves to go on walks, play in the backyard and hang out with her family. Stella is great with children and very loving to her human children! She is silly, sweet, smart, loving and goofy!

Don't let Stella's silliness fool you, this little girl is smart as a whip and learns quickly. With her excellent health test results, Stella is truly a remarkable Australian Labradoodle. Stella has produced some of the cutest and sweetest puppies in Texas.

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