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Supplies for Your New Puppy

THE LEGENDARY SUPPLY STORE     Legendary Supply Store Website
The Legendary Supply Store offers an assortment of many types of products you may be interested in purchasing for your puppy. As breeders of this fabulous dog, Legendary Labradoodles uses this on-line supply store to order the types of items listed in the "Basic" and "Grooming" sections of this shop. We have found their products to be of high quality for our puppies and adult dogs. The types of items listed under the "Basic" and "Grooming" sections should be used regularly to care for your new puppy to help him/her grow to be a strong, well groomed, and healthy adult dog. You can purchase these types of items here, or use this on-line shop as a reference point for purchasing your supplies.

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NUVET VITAMINS     Nuvet Vitamins Website
Not all vitamins are created equally. At Legendary Labradoodles, these are the vitamins that we feed all of our dogs to keep them in the ultimate best health possible. This helpful link will make it easy and convenient to order your pets vitamins.

NANA'S BANDANA BOUTIQUE     Nana's Bandanas Website
Legendary families who have met "Nana" know the high quality that she puts into each bandana and blanket that she designs and personalizes for your precious puppy! Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or want to show your team spirit . . . Nana has all the right fabrics and colors to create a special bandana or blanket for your puppy.

ANTLERS     Michigan Antler Art Company Website
We order from Michigan Antler Art Company and have been pleased with the quality of their products.

BULLY STICKS     Best Bully Sticks Website
Low odor bully sticks are available at this on-line store. Always verify the location of the bull that was used as well as the processing. American raised is best.