Past Litters - Gracie and Ripley

Australian Labradoodle Litter
Gracie and Ripley - Litter Born 2014

Gracie never lets us down. Her litters are just perfection, and, of course, Ripley had something to do with these little beauties. These little puppies are apricot and red and will have wavy fleece coats. They should weigh 30 to 40 pounds when they reach adulthood.

Just look at those little puppy faces. Don't you just want to kiss them all over?

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Dam: Gracie

Sire: Ripley


Week 3-Gracie and Ripley's Puppies

Week 5-Gracie and Ripley's Girls dog

week 6-Gracie and Ripley's Girls week 6-Gracie and Ripley's Boys