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Legendary's Mia Fiore
"Mia"   ALAA-050677
Mia Legendary Labradoodles

Mia is from Rosie and Ben and she inherited a load of great traits from both mom and dad! Mia may very well be the smartest dog I have ever encountered. While she dazzled us with her keen intellect until she was 8 weeks old, she continues to wow her guardians who claim she is the smartest dog they have ever owned. And they have owned quite a few dogs!

Mia has a soft apricot / cream wavy fleece coat and has an excellent combination of both her parents great looks! When she walks in to a room, she is a little ray of sunshine. Mia is great with people and will one day be a remarkable therapy trained dog. She loves to be with people but also enjoys a playing and romping with other dogs. Her temperament is just remarkable.

From the day Mia was born, right here, we had our eye on her and have enjoyed watching her develop and grow into such a wonderful example of the Australian Labradoodle. Mia lives in a fantastic guardian home with Isabelle and Perry. She lives the most wonderful life playing and being the center of her parent's attention! Isabelle and Mia spend lots of time in training classes, and Mia quite often is the class star student.

Sweet Mia has never had a bad day or met a stranger, human or canine. We can hardly wait to see the puppies that Mia will have. No doubt we hope that the puppies will get Mia's sweet temperament, keen intellect and cute good looks!

We are very pleased with Mia's health scores. She is really perfect in every way.

Candid Shots of Mia



Details About Mia

Breed: Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Description: 17" and 26#, cream apricot, wavy fleece coat, Bbee
Sire: Ocean State's Kiss & Tell, Ben
Dam: Legendary's Bella Rosa, Rosie

Health Clearances:

vWd clear via parentage Pra - normal
OFA elbows - normal PennHIP - complete
CERF - normal OFA hips - fair
IC - clear/ DNA marker - on file