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"June Bug"   ALAA-036333
June Bug Legendary Labradoodles

After many months of waiting for the most perfect example of an Australian Labradoodle, June Bug came to us from the amazing Ocean State Labradoodles in Rhode Island.

June Bug has had high expectations to live up to, and she has blown all of them so far out of the water that I don't even know where to begin to describe this precious girl. June Bug has the most beautiful wavy fleece coat in a rich caramel color that is a perfect match for her stunning good looks that she seems to have inherited from her grandmother, Dollie. June Bug's eyes are mesmerizing. They are amber in color, and her eye contact will draw you in and let you think there is a person behind them. Her sweet, gentle temperament and keen intellect will further convince you there is a very happy human in there.

She is a super happy "old soul." When June Bug walks into a room of friends or strangers, she is greeted by smiles and grins all around. She is like a ray of sunshine! From the moment June Bug was born, her tail has not stopped wagging.

Everything about the way June Bug behaves and carries herself tells you that she is "Joy" personified 100% of the time. This girl has never had a bad day or met a stranger, human or canine.

To top all of her wonderful qualities, June Bug has remarkable health testing.

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Details About June Bug

Breed: Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Description: 18" and 28#, caramel, wavy fleece coat, bbee
Sire: Landmark's King of Hearts, aka Chase
Dam: Ocean State's Make a Wish, aka Penny

Health Clearances:

vWd clear via parentage Pra - normal
OFA elbows - normal PennHIP - 70%
CERF - normal DM - normal
IC - clear/normal EIC - clear/normal