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Legendary's Ima Treasure
"Jules"   ALAA-055095
Jules Legendary Labradoodles

Ima Treasure is such a perfect name for this little girl. Jules embodies so many traits that we strive to achieve when we pair our dogs together. She has impeccable conformation, a stunning coat and the most incredible temperament. Jules is as smart as any dog I’ve ever met and absolutely lives the perfect life with her awesome Guardian parents, Cathy and Larry.

Jules has a wonderful energy level, keeping up with her two human grandsons running and playing or chasing rabbits and squirrels. When it is time to settle down, Jules loves to snuggle up with her parents and relax and get a good belly rub. She is always up for an outing in the car to dog friendly stores and restaurants where she enjoys all of the attention she gets from everyone that meets her.

There is always a new trick that Jules is learning. At less than a year old she knows more than most dogs ever learn in their entire life.

We are very pleased with Jules health testing. With the highest scores coming in for Jules, this just adds to her overall perfection. Jules coat is a gorgeous loose wavy fleece and she is considered a light caramel color. She is so incredibly silky soft making her quite the snuggle bug! Jules is a true medium size with a saber tail and excellent conformation.

It will be very exciting to see the puppies that Jules produces. She has so many terrific traits to pass forward to her puppies. Look for Jules to start having puppies in the summer or fall of 2018.

Candid Shots of Jules



Details About Jules

Breed: Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Description: 18" and 30#, light caramel, wavy fleece coat, bbee
Sire: Legendary's A J
Dam: Legendary's Whatever Lola Wants, aka Lola

Health Clearances:

vWd - Clear via Parentage Pra - Clear via Parentage
OFA Elbows - Normal OFA Hips - Excellent
CERF - Normal EIC- Clear via Parentage
Cardiac - Clear IC- Clear
DNA Profile - on file