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Seattle's Bella Graciella
"Gracie"   ALAA-031650
Gracie Legendary Labradoodles

Gracie came to us from Shedless in Seattle Labradoodles and we are ever so grateful to have this girl in our program. She is from foundation lines of Multigen Australian Labradoodles that were originally brought to the U. S. from Australia.

If I were to describe Gracie in one word, it would be "sweet". From the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, she is absolutely sweet. Gracie loves to snuggle and crawl into bed with us or snuggle on the sofa in our laps. We are pretty sure getting a belly rub is top on her "to do" list each day.

This sweet girl loves to frolic and play both with her people and other dogs and has yet to meet a stranger. She is also the most laid back dog I've ever owned.

Gracie's line is full of therapy dogs and she is training to be next in that line. She is so gentle and sweet with all people . . . children, the elderly, special needs. Gracie is constant and reliable on all of her commands.

With Gracie's beautiful non-shedding wavy fleece coat and adorable floppy personality, we are expecting she will have amazing puppies with gentle temperament and keen intellect.

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Details About Gracie

Breed: Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Description: 21" and 46#, apricot, wavy fleece, BBee
Sire: Evergreen's Epic
Dam: Seattle's Bluebells

Health Clearances:

vWd clear via parentage Pra - normal
OFA elbows - normal PennHIP - 50%
CERF - normal Thyroid - normal
IC - clear/normal EIC - clear/normal